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18m Digital Handheld Ultrasonic Distance Meter Range Finder Measure Diastimeter with Laser Point,Meter Range Finder

2019-5-17      View:
  • Brand   wenzheng
  • Type   FWZ2017730
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Wide measuring range up to 18m.
Measuring range: 0.05-18m
Accuracy: ±0.5% ± 1cm
Power: 1 * 12V 23A ( not included )
Working frequency: 40KHz
Laser type: class II <1mW
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 43 °C ( 32 ~ 109.4 °F )
Item size: 7.3 * 3.6 * 8.1cm( L * W * H )

Measure distance from 0.5m to 18m Accuracy +-0.5% +-1cm Resolution 1cm or 2\1 inch Units of Measure : Feet/Meters
Lity LCD with Backlight Your distance measurer transmits ultrasonic waves to a point you want to me
Switches off if you do not press any key for about 1 min It measures the time taken
by the waves to reflect and then calculates and re-transcribes the distance Level function 
Level function(one vertical level bubble, one horizontal level bubble)

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