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Vacuum Storage Bags By 11-Piece Thickened Vacuum Compression Bags With Free Hand Pump For Moisture-proof & Anti-mildew Save 80% Closet Space,Vacuum Space Saver Bags

2019-5-17      View:
  • Brand   wenzheng
  • Type   FWZ2017743
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4 different sizes to meet all your storage needs. Store away your duvet, pillows, bed sheets, towels, blankets, clothes and more!
PA + PE Odor Free material, tough and tensile resistant, wear resistant, highly adhesive and leak proof. Great for long term storage and minimizing space for travel.
Manual pump with bold design, big suction, pumping more powerful and faster. .
Squeezes every bit of air out of the bag, save your valuable storage space up to 80%.
Place the quilt or clothing in a compressed bag, use the scribing, slide back and forth to seal the bag. Then open the sealing cover, use the hand pump sucks air out. Finally, after that, screw the air valve lid.
Squeezes every bit of air out with a Double-Zip Seal and a Triple-Seal Turbo Valve design, the bags aim to get the air out and nothing back in.
Each bag uses Anti-microbial materials, and is designed with an airtight zipper and nozzle to ensure that your precious garments stay clear of mold, mildew, bacteria, dust and any other harmful contaminants.
These storage bags are perfect when you're travelling and want the MOST space so you don't have to take a lot of luggage

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