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Electronic Insect Killer,LED Bulb, Bug Zapper Light Bulb, Mosquito Killer Lamp, Mosquito Zapper, Fly Killer, Mosquito Trap, For Indoor Porch Deck Patio Backyard Garden

2019-5-16      View:
  • Brand   wenzheng
  • Type   FWZ2017629
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Voltage:AC 175V-265V
Color Temperature:5,730 Kelvin
Socket: E27
Light Color: Day White
Emitting Angle:360 degrees
Long life span with 50,000 hours

3 in 1 function of LED light bulb and bug mosquitoes killer, there are 3 modes of this device: lighting, lighting and bug zapper, bug zapper. 
Multi modes to choose:Lighting + Zapping mode ,Zapping only mode,Lighting only mode
Saving Money on electric bill with this energy efficient light bulb and do not need buy mosquito zappers and repellent any more.
No more pesticides or potentially harmful sprays. Get rid of mosquitoes fast without sticky, messy poisons or sprays.
Adopt light-wave technique to capture the mosquitoes in 360 degrees, effectively preventing being disturbed by mosquitoes.
Can be used indoors or outdoors in any standard bulb fixture. Widely used in deck, patio, porch, backyard, warehouse, garage, garden, park, home, living room, kitchen, office, hotel, restaurant, school etc.

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